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We offer extensive and flexible grain store facilities, enabling us to provide competitive grain storage solutions that matches clients needs.



Our bespoke grain storage service offers:


  • Single load > 17,000 tonnes

  • Flat Stores or Bins 1 day > 1 year

  • Efficient unloading and loading for fast turnaround

  • Bulk combinable commodities can be aerated

  • Container de-van facility

  • Organic registration

  • Jewers own transport available

  • Pallet storage

  • Careful handling i.e. dry or crushable commodities


Whether clients simply want flexible grain storage, or need their wheat drying and then cleaned of ergot, insects or admixture before storing, Jewers can help.


In addition, we offer our own haulage, plus the purchase of all grains, pulses and oilseeds.


To summarise, we can store whatever your needs, including organic, for as long as you require. Then deliver, as you call off.


It’s all part of our Jewers flexible service.

Video showing the benefits of Jewers Storage Facilities

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